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Misha Piatigorsky breaks out of the trio setting to magnify his musical vision — through a kaleidoscope of voices the audience experiences the composer’s mind at work.

Who are we? Who the hell knows.
We don't fit into a box with a label.

What we are is an experience – a brainchild of pianist and composer Misha Piatigorsky. For lack of a better phrase, we are a "fusion of 14 different things" to quote band member, violist Celia Hatton.

Thank you, Celia.

The Sketchy Orkestra combines the rails of classical music — with jazz, hip-hop, rock, Balkan, and soul. We are “the chalice of modernism with the stew-pot of soul” — Cheryl K. Symister-Masterson

For us music is a religious and spiritual experience. We take your breath away and we tell an honest story – through music.

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Misha Piatigorsky, Artistic Director:

Usually, I play with a trio — probably the most versatile partnership in music. Each of the performers has his own role, makes his own tune, contributing to the same cause — a signature, momentous sound full of individual creativity.
That doesn’t change with The Sketchy Orkestra, but gets a lot more complicated. Performance will be more cautious, as we are engaged in a delicate dance of give and take with our string ensemble. And there is plenty room for error, while trio has almost none. So to answer your question — 'Why are we doing this?' — I'll say this:
It’s about understanding how art works.
Because that’s it: not a band or event; 
it’s an act of artistic expression.
You don’t do it because it’s easier. 
Or convenient. Or profitable. 
You do it by commission. 
Because you have to.
It has to exist, for the audience, and for the performers. 
This act is a vortex of creativity. 
It brings people together to make something new. 
Something that has not existed before.
Without it art never gets done.

Learn more about Misha on his website — misha.nyc/